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Al-Moajil Wooden Pallets

Whatever you move, ship, store or stock, wooden pallets are the base of an economical and efficient operation. However, they must be manufactured properly. And must be available when you require them at a reasonable cost too. Al-Moajil Pallets Plant is designed, constructed, equipped and put into production with all the above requirements in mind. With the use of modern Production machinery and methods, we produce hundreds and thousands good quality wooden pallets to fulfill your requirements. In addition to new precision-nailing, multiple lumber trimming, automatic chamfering and notching equipment, we use only quality-grade soft-wood, medium hardwood and plywood, fastened by the best machine-quality screw nails. With our worldwide contacts, we have established sources of wood to make sure you have proper quantity and type of pallets when you need them.

Al-Moajil Wooden Pallets Types

PALLETS:- Different types for Different Uses :"Al Moajil is specialized in designing, manufacturing and supply pallets for different purposes. Different pallets must be designed for different jobs. This depends upon the type of goods and equipment to be carried and stored on them. We have different typed of Pallets most commonly used.If you require a different type of pallet for your operation, we will be quickly help you design the pallets that will be best handle your goods or products"

Type 1 pallets is most widely used and needed by most of the industries. The deck boards and stringers are both 120cms in length. the pallet is two-way entry and non reversible to bear a load on only one surface. It can be utilized in a number of ways for slinging and tying down objects loaded on it
Type 2 Pallets are four way entry block type pallets which are 100cms long and 120cms wide. They are the most commonly used pallets that can be moved by forklifts or hand trucks.
Type 3 Expandable Pallets are two-entry type. They are less expensive and can be utilized for dispatching loaded materials encen on a ont-time use only
Type 4 Pallets are reversible and can be made two-ways or four ways. They are, however, for moving by forklift only. Being reversible, either face will hold a full load. In this case plywood is used as deckboards
Type 5 Pallets are heave duty, bolted and recersible they can be used with most types of handling equipment except hand trucks
Type 6 Pallets are of a notched stringer design which makes them very versatile four-way pallets. Notching is performed by our automatic notcher

Why to Use Al Moaji Palletes?
.PALLET FASTENERS :Important for Strength and Long Life To provide you, pallets that can survive the buffering and pounding imposed on them by the toughest of forklift and hand truck use, we construct with only the best obtainable drive screw nails. These are machine-quality nails. made of special analysis, high carbon, heat-treated steel. When driven by our precision equipment, these nails turn into the wood like a screw. This way , they thread themselves into the wood with minimum fiber damage. Obviously, they have more of the holding power of a screw than that of a nail. We have chosen only the best drive-screw nails to ensure that all nail heads will be uniform, all shanks will be of the same diameter and straight driving all the time. Holding power is important to the success and efficiency of you material handling

Chamfering Added Life for your Pallets. Chamfering of certain deck-boards is performed by our automatic equipment. It is designated to add measurably to the useful life of your pallets. Chamfering permits the wheels of hand trucks to move easily over deck-boards when entering the pallets. This eliminates costly damage. The chamfering also reduces damage caused by forklift tongues tearing at the wood as they enter.

Our Plant Equipment Modern, Fast and Efficient. Manufacturing quality wooden pallets quickly at a competitive price. requires the best equipment and methods. We searched widely to find exaclty what was needed to server your needs. They are in use today in our plant.

The Pallet Nailer. Our automatic palette nailers are the heart of our operation. They can be set for all different sizes of pallets and nails. With a single stroke, it can drive home as many as 24 drive screw nails. It can handle any kind of wood and every nail size needed for the job. Our people feed the materials in and the big machine takes over, turning out a steady stream of pallets.

Boring Machine. This is our twelve-head boring machine than can drill twelve holes in one stroke. This machine is used for making different types of heave-duty bolted wooden pallets.

The Multiple Trimmer. This advanced new trimmer , which is equipped with five separate saws, can trim to the required lengths of pallet stock. The speed and accuracy of this fine machine will save you money in pallet cost.
Automatic Double Notcher Fully automatic, this remarkable machine notches stringers(bearers) with amazing speed. It canbe set for different sizes of notched and stringers.
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